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Is Drake lowkey promoting intersectional feminism and glorifying Black female beauty… or nah?

Why he keep callin us bitches and hoes tho

Disclaimer: I do not like Drake.

Nah.. like I’m laughing while thinking about this because it’s absurd and Drake is problematic as fuck BUT a lady I was interviewing is a former stripper and she said that Drake was the only rapper that made her feel proud to be a Black woman. So I had to look into this. It seems, from what I’ve seen so far he’s the only rapper who exclusively celebrates and praises Black women and other WOC. He’s only been connected with Black women in his personal life and songs. I’ve been listening to some of his songs and picking apart the lyrics. So far, I don’t think he’s a feminist or even an ally but he does have an inherent respect for women that can go unnoticed to casual listeners. 

I’m thinking with an open mind because I hate when people dismiss my art or creativity without actually trying understand me. People don’t express themselves in a way that I’d find appealing but only they have to like their art. It doesn’t mean I, or anyone else, can dismiss them. That would frustrate the hell out of me.

When I want to reach an audience that wouldn’t normally listen to me (mainstream) I tailor my approach so they’ll drop their guard, agree with me, and then I’ll throw subtlely throw in my personal ideas. I’m working off the assumption this is Drake’s approach to getting Rap fans to hear his real views.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is that since his mixtape, So Far Gone, he’s been creating a narrative with a consistent cast of characters of friends and family members. It also appears that all of his songs (at least on his albums) are diary entries converted to raps. He says extremely embarrassing shit about himself and is uncomfortably honest, leaving myself open for ridicule and meme fodder. I think if any of us put our actually thoughts out consistently we would alienate a lot people and he talks about that in his songs saying how it hurts his personal relationships but his goal is to be honest not liked.

As far as his pro-women lyrics:

In his song Make Me Proud he says, 

"I like a woman with a future and a past
A little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last
Don’t make it too easy, girl, don’t take it too fast”

 He’s saying he appreciates women who are goal-oriented, ambitious, opinionated, and experienced. Which is bold in a genre/society where women are told to shut up and behave.

He goes on to praise them for eating salad and exercising which sounds iffy but he later says doing it for yourself. Then he praises women for going to college and sounding intelligent as if you’ve gone to Yale but you probably went to Howard (a Historically Black University). He finishes his verse like this.

You said niggas coming on too strong, girl
They want you in their life as a wife
That’s why you want to have no sex, why you want to protest
Why you want to fight for your rights
Cause you don’t love them boys
Pussy run everything, fuck that noise

He also mention the fuck what men think mentality in his song Fancy.

Hit the gym, step on the scales, stare at the number
You say you droppin’ 10 pounds preparin’ for summer
And you don’t do it for the man, men never notice
You just do it for yourself, you’re the fuckin’ coldest

Also, we have some mutual acquaintances and women who’ve met him have said how nice and sweet he is. That was another thing that always interested me because women don’t talk about rappers using those adjectives. From what I’ve listened to so far he doesn’t blatantly disrespect women. He talks about fucking, regretting casual sex, says bitches and hoes, and other that I’ve judged him for and rolled my eyes at. However, I honestly can’t say I haven’t thought or done any of those things. I would just be too scared of being judged and hated for it. Also, as his albums go on he mentions regretting saying/feeling those things and appears to be in a constant state of growth and learning.

I listened to Fuckin’ Problems a song that chorus repeats, ” I love bad bitches I got a fuckin problem.” I was 100% sure his verse was going to be as misogynistic as the artists featured on the song, A$AP Rocky says,

Turn a dyke bitch out, have her fucking boys, beast

No. Rocky… no.

Drake he barely even talks about women in his verse. He just asserts how awesome he thinks he is then mentions women twice.

Ooh, I know you love it when this beat is on
Make you think about all of the niggas you’ve been leadin’ on
Make me think about all of the rappers I’ve been feedin’ on
Got a feelin’ that’s the same dudes that we speakin’ on, oh word?

This is showing he thinks both he and the girl he’s speaking to are above whatever guys that are trying to get with her. This could also be a Chris Brown and Rihanna reference.

Then just drop down and get yo’ eagle on
Or we can stare up at the stars and put the Beatles on

Basically, the woman is allowed to set the tone for the night. 

I’ve also noticed that when he brags he tries to balance it with a hardship he went through and/or saying something along the lines of, "this could be you," or, “it could happen to you.” This creates a narrative in which he isn’t bragging but encouraging the listener. This is shown through his habit of using local small town musicians on his albums and giving them international attention. 

I used his most obvious examples but there several songs where dismisses female respectability politics, bashes victim blaming, and encourages women to own their sexuality.

He also talks a lot about doing something big and “shifting the culture.” This could be making rap more comfortable for women to listen to, which is something he has said in interviews. It could also be a reference to his attempts at ending the hyper-masculinity portrayed in hip-hop culture. His dad is an old Blues musician. In Blues “keeping it real” meant Black men were being sensitive and honest and sometimes even crying in your songs. Rap has turned “keeping it real” into some of the fakest shit ever. 

I’m writing an article about this and I still need listen to the rest of his songs and pick apart the lyrics. I’m going to watch all the interviews I can find as well. I’m in the beginning stages so I’m only trying to find evidence of his woman positive views (which is easier than you’d think) later I’m going to find all the misogyny and deconstruct both viewpoints. 

"She thinks I’m strong because I can push everything into the dark. But it leaves me empty. And the dark always finds me in my sleep."
— Rebecca Donovan, Barely Breathing (via ifnothingelsebekind)

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I love how two of my favs sweetsandlows and 12yearsaking are mutuals??!!!!!!!

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After all we’ve been through y’all still sleeping on me? 

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  • Spent his childhood running from the FBI due to the actions of the Shakurs.
  • At 16 became the youngest national Chairman of the New African panthers, himself then getting FBI attention. His FBI file, only 104 pages out of 4000 are released to the public, the rest 3896 pages are censored for…


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what is he getting out of this

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